New Executive Director, Charlie Oliver, Sees Good Things Happening

Friends, in the short time I’ve been with Better Life I’ve been impressed with the encouraging soul winning stories viewers share with this ministry on a regular basis. I wanted to share with you personally one such story that especially caught my eye.

We recently spoke with a lady who, along with her husband, had been baptized after watching Better Life for about a year. She told us that, although she had been raised in a Christian home, she decided to head into the world when she was about 17 and stayed there until she was about 40. In the back of her mind she knew that one day she would return to the Lord, but still she ventured onto Satan’s ground. Even in this lost condition she saw the hand of the Lord in her life. One day while in an occult book store, an older looking man took her by the hand and led her outside saying, “You don’t belong here.” When she turned around a moment later, he was gone. She took the cue from the Lord and left her occult practices that day.

Years later, now a Christian, she found herself in southern Oregon. One day she read a frightening sermon and was so moved that she decided to stop watching secular TV. As she searched for an alternative, she came across Better Life Television! She started watching Doug Batchelor, Ken Cox and John Bradshaw and she was hooked. She asked God to help her discern if what she was watching was truth and as she continued studying she was drawn further into Bible truth.

She told us that she always feared death, but the ministers on Better Life led her to understand what the Bible really says about the topic. She happily told us that she no longer fears death or the second coming! Praise the Lord!

During her studies, our friend came to accept the Sabbath and she also enjoyed learning about end-time prophecies. She said Better Life has been a real teaching tool for her, and that she’s studied end-time prophecy so much that she could probably give a talk on it herself! She pointed out that some pastors just give their opinions, but on Better Life she found pastors that taught what the Bible says, and that there’s a big difference between the two.

This dear lady has found a better life in another way, too. She has given up smoking for the past six months and has overcome her addiction to buying clothing and jewelry. She jokingly said that she should have become an Adventist earlier because it would have saved her a lot of money!
There were tears in her voice as she shared her testimony and newfound joy. Friend, your prayers and financial support help make stories like these happen. Thank you so much for supporting the ministry of Better Life.- CO