YouTube Viewers Discover Better Life

Have you visited our YouTube channel? We’ve found it’s a wonderful way to share videos around the world as well as make new friends far from our roots in southern Oregon. The other day we had a lady call from Canada. She wanted to make a donation and so we asked her how it was she learned about Better Life. She told us that she had run across a sermon on our YouTube channel that she liked! That’s the power of the world-wide web!

On another occasion we were contacted by a lady in Florida who discovered the Stories of Faithseries we have posted on our YouTube channel. She was so happy to have found others who believed that God still moves in miraculous ways in our day. She wanted to share some stories of her own with us.

Visiting our YouTube channel is easy. Just type in in your browser and you’ll go right to it! Visit today and check out our huge selection of videos!