Behind the Scenes with Better Life
August 2019

They Said “Yes!” to God

by Charlie Oliver, Executive Director of Better Life

Delmer & Evelyn Wagner

Delmer & Evelyn Wagner

In July, we celebrated Better Life Television’s twenty-ninth year of bringing Biblical truths and hope to Southern Oregon and beyond. This journey began when Delmer, Evelyn, and a small group of friends said “YES!” to God’s leading. As I reflect upon this inspired journey, I am reminded of the many stories where God has rewarded His faithful pioneers with blessings and successes beyond human comprehension.

As is often the case, the story of Better Life had a humble beginning.  With the purchase of a satellite dish, Delmer and Evelyn Wagner found a Christ-focused message in Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) that they simply had to share. Handing out VHS recordings to friends and family led to the pivotal decision to purchase a transmitter to re-broadcast 3ABN into their local community. Today you can watch Better Life Television throughout much of Southern Oregon; into Northern California; Reno, Nevada; and ultimately around the world via the Internet and streaming services!

I believe this same willingness to serve and work for Jesus led the apostle Andrew to recognize what his Master could do with a basket of fish and bread, and prompted a child to share his lunch. It gave Moses the courage to return to Egypt and lead God’s people toward the promised land. 

You see, as talented as Delmer was, it was his willingness to serve that permitted God to act. Sadly, Delmer passed to his rest at the end of last year. But it is the same faith, determination, and willingness to serve that continue to inspire those of us who remain. Delmer’s dream of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide lives on!

Friends, each day presents a fresh opportunity to fix our eyes upward, and to allow Jesus to work through us in word and action. Like Delmer, we have a choice to make: do we listen to the voice of the evil one and let him convince us that we don’t measure up, that our dreams are simply too big, and that God could never use people like us? Or will we choose to act by faith and trust our God?  

Join Better Life in choosing to follow in the footsteps of pioneers like Delmer and Evelyn Wagner, those who said “yes” to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  

Jesus asks us to be His hands and feet, submitting ourselves fully to God’s will and sharing the wonderful news of Jesus’ love and soon return.  Just say “yes!” - CO 

Meet the Better Life Team!

Bernie Martin Beck

Bernie Martin Beck

Bernie Martin Beck hardly needs an introduction. Bernie has been a part of Better Life since it’s earliest times. Many of you have seen her program on Better Life entitled, “Journeys ‘n Journals.” The program got its start when a committee got together to figure out what local programs could be produced that would help attract new viewers to Better Life TV. Bernie told told the group, “It a no-brainer! We should do a program about history! Everyone has a story. It will be a great way for us to connect with our community!”

Bernie went on to host hundreds of programs, many of which can be found on YouTube by simply searching for “Journeys ‘n Journals.”  Thank you Bernie for all you’ve done to support Better Life TV!

Stories of Touched Lives

We always love to hear stories of how Better Life is reaching out and touching the lives of our viewers. Here are just a few recent examples.

A lady emailed us from the Sacramento area saying that she was really enjoying our Stories of Faith series that she discovered on YouTube. She had a novel way of enjoying them on her drive to work. She wrote, “Granted these are videos, but I set up bluetooth in my car and toss my phone in my purse and I begin my daily journey to work feeling like you both [Douglas & Sayuri] are in my car talking so clearly, sharing stories of miracles which bring me so much hope and inspiration. You are making a difference in people’s lives and doing a great service!”

One of our Grants Pass friends recently posted on her Facebook page that an elderly patient sat down and told her that she was having a bad day. She said she had been watching news and it upset her. She told our friend that she had started watching Better Life all day and she absolutely loved it! She is very happy with the preaching and the music and the lovely pictures are a blessing to her. Our friend ended her post with, “Thanks BLBN! You are still making a difference in people’s lives!”

A lady from Reno called us recently, asking for prayer that she be able to resist marijuana. She found us after she had to give up cable. She said we were only one of two sources of Christian TV she could get so she began watching Better Life. We are so happy she found us! Please pray that lady finds the victory and truth that she needs in these last days. 

These stories are just samples of what we hear on a regular basis. If our founders Delmer and Evelyn Wagner had not said “yes” to God, all of the stories we have heard over our twenty-nine years would never have happened. People hearing truth for the first time would never have happened. So many baptisms would never have happened. Thank you for continuing to support this vital and far reaching ministry. So much good happens when we say “yes” to God!

Thank you for supporting the outreach ministry of Better Life.


There’s a lot of changes to the Better Health TV schedule for August! We thought it was time to freshen things up a bit, so you’ll notice that many of the programs on the health channel have changed their airtimes. Be sure to download the August schedule so you can be sure not to miss any of your favorite health programs. 

The Better Health TV channel is available via our over-the-air transmitters, streaming through our website, on Roku, Apple TV, and iOS apps. If you have any questions please call us at (541) 474-3089.

Better Life has copies of Janet Walden’s CD entitled, “Draw Me Nearer.” You may know that Janet was one of the musical guests at this year’s Better Life Camp Meeting. CD’s are available for a suggested donation of $10. Call Better Life during regular business hours. (541) 474-3089.

We want to pray for you and your prayer requests! During our staff worship we are priviledged to raise up your requests to the Lord. Please call in your prayer requests to (541) 474-3089.

French Dressing

Contributed by Daniel Hill,(His mom’s recipe)
Better Life Production Staff

Combine in a blender: 

1/2 c. olive oil

1/2 c. lemon juice

1/2 c. honey

28 oz. can (or 2 14-oz. cans) diced tomatoes 

1 Tbs. paprika

1 Tbs. onion powder

1 Tbs. salt

Blend thoroughly. Keep in the refrigerator.

Call for free recipe booklet! (541) 474-3089.