Behind the Scenes with Better Life May 2019

An Active Ministry

Executive Director,  Charlie Oliver

Executive Director,
Charlie Oliver

Friends, the warm spring sunshine reveals that it’s camp meeting time! I hope you’re planning on joining us June 7th & 8th for the 2019 Better Life Camp Meeting at Milo Adventist Academy. With this being my first camp meeting as part of the Better Life ministry, I’m looking forward to listening to our keynote speaker, Dick Duerksen, and meeting you in person! 
This year we’re anticipating bringing you live programs of several Better Life productions currently airing, with Boots ‘n Bibles, Catching the Light and Stories of Faith presented on stage throughout the weekend. 
Speaking of Better Life’s programs, we have been busy creating original programs that you won’t find on other Adventist networks. Boot’s ‘n Bibles is a fun and inspirational cowboy-church style program; Catching the Light, a recorded radio Bible study program, is also quite unique in the world of Adventist media; and you’d be hard pressed to find a program like Stories of Faith where God is glorified as we tell stories of the miraculous things He does in these modern times. 
Most recently we’re overhauling our flagship program, Better Life Today, turning it into a new magazine-style format program with fascinating stories and insightful commentary. We think you’re really going to love this new program. Your prayers, stories and financial support inspire and allow us to produce these new and innovative programs. 
Activity in God’s work is a wonderful thing. As a beekeeper I love springtime, when my bees become active after the long winter. They head out into a refreshed world of color seeking the nutrients needed for the colony to flourish.  Recently, as I smiled up into a large flowering cherry tree, enjoying the sunlight and buzzing orchestra of busy bees, I reflected on the many spiritual applications this wonderful nature scene presented.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, 

and preach the gospel to every creature.” 

Mark 16:15 KJV

When bees head out to forage, discoveries are made and, upon a successful worker’s return, something marvelous happens that we beekeepers call the “waggle dance.”  This figure-eight honeybee dance is how a returning seeker shares the direction and distance to nectar, pollen and water resources with other members of the beehive. With this information, new flight plans are charted, and hundreds of bees soon head out to collect a precious new resource.
Better Life is our Christian waggle dance, our way of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others!  God has led each of His children to seek out His marvelous Biblical truths, and we then have the glorious privilege to share our discoveries with each other, and with a world desperately in need.  Thank you, dear friend, for joining Better Life in this great mission of reaching others for Christ. Waggle on!

Meet the Better Life Team!

Sayuri Rodriguez

Sayuri Rodriguez

Hello, my name is 
Sayuri Rodriguez, (pronounced Saw-You-Dee) but if you have trouble saying it, don’t worry, just call me Mrs. Rodriguez. I work in the programming department and my husband and I are the directors of Better Life’s Spanish channel, Vida Mejor TV. I was born in Mexico and as a 4 year-old I remember praying: “God, I want to be a missionary and tell the world that you love them, and God, if I marry a pastor we could probably tell more people together!” Well, God granted me my heart’s desire and here I am, loving to tell stories that are filled with God’s love. I consider it a privilege to be able to participate in God’s plans as He uses Better Life to reach so many hearts.

Lives Touched by Better Life

From time to time the Lord reveals to us stories of those whose lives have been touched via the ministry of Better Life. Here are some good ones!
Recently we lost a dear friend of the ministry named Monica. She had a serious health issue that ended up taking her life. Monica was special to us for a number of reasons. For one, she ministered as one of our camera volunteers over the years and if you watch for it, you’ll see her name listed in the credits from time to time. But perhaps most special was the fact that she came into our Adventist family through watching Better Life TV. The Lord spoke to her heart and she responded. So although we were sad to lose her from this life, we rejoice that she knew Jesus as her Savior, the One who could preserve her in His kingdom forever. Praise the Lord! 
We also heard another story of a precious lady who I’ll call Ann. A while back she also came into the church as a result of watching Better Life TV and happily made her local Adventist church her spiritual home. 
Ann’s first time visiting an Adventist church happened after she saw an announcement on the TV screen announcing that a Better Life rally would be happening in her city. Ann was shy, but she decided to take the bold step and attend. Although she sat timidly in the back, a church member made a special effort to warmly welcome her, helping her to feel at ease! 
Fast forward to this year when Ann’s church was holding an evangelistic seminar. Ann prayed that the Lord would now use her to reach out to some visitor who might be shy about attending the seminar, just as she had once been. And you know what? God did just that! During the seminar another lady began attending who also sat in the back and seemed a bit shy too, but Ann befriended her and during the series it wasn’t uncommon to see them sitting together like long-time friends! 
Do you see the common theme here? The Lord used Better Life to bring people into His family and then in turn those people put their skills to work in reaching out to others! Isn’t that beautiful? 
Friends, it’s because of your prayers and faithful support that stories like this are possible! Thank you so much for helping to keep the light shining bright throughout the world.

Thank you for supporting the outreach ministry of Better Life.


Registration for this year’s camp meeting has begun! This year it will once again be held at Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Oregon. Mark your calendar for the weekend of June 7-9. Our keynote speaker will be Dick Duerksen and we’ll also be doing live versions of our programs, Boots ‘n Bibles, Catching the Light and Stories of Faith. So register now, bring a friend and have a great time with your Better Life family this June. Call (541) 474-3089 today!

The number of people watching Better Life through the internet continues to grow! Remember, if you have friends or family anywhere in the world, they can watch Better Life, too, with just a ROKU box or Apple TV and high speed internet. Better Life is no longer just a West Coast broadcaster and we want the good news of God’s love to be spread far and wide!

Did you know that we have this SAME newsletter available via email? You can help us save printing and postage costs by switching to our email version. Please call (541) 474-3089 or email us at to switch! 

One of the many programs you’ll find on our YouTube channel.

One of the many programs you’ll find on our YouTube channel.

YouTube Viewers Find Better Life

Have you visited our YouTube channel? We’ve found it’s a wonderful way to share videos around the world as well as make new friends far from our roots in southern Oregon.  The other day we had a lady call from Canada. She wanted to make a donation and so we asked her how it was she learned about Better Life. She told us that she had run across a sermon on our YouTube channel that she liked! That’s the power of the world-wide web!
On another occasion we were contacted by a lady in Florida who discovered the Stories of Faith series we have posted on our YouTube channel. She was so happy to have found others who believed that God still moves in miraculous ways in our day.  She wanted to share some stories of her own with us.
Visiting our YouTube channel is easy. Just type in in your browser and you’ll go right to it! Visit today and check out our huge selection of videos!

Asian Tofu

Contributed by Rebekah Hill, Programming Dept.

1 pkg. water-packed extra firm tofu

1 1/2 Tbs. yeast flakes

2 Tbs. Bragg’s liquid aminos

1 Tbs. onion powder

2 tsp. olive oil

Cube tofu. Mix tofu and all remaining ingredients until the tofu is well coated. Spread the mixture in a 9” square pan. Bake at 350º for 15 minutes. Goes well with rice and stir-fried veggies.