Behind the Scenes with Better Life
October 2019

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Photo © Houston Ray on

Better Life’s Biggest Challenge

by Charlie Oliver, Executive Director of Better Life

Dear friends,

Today, Better Life is facing some of the biggest challenges in its 30-year history, a history bursting with stories of lives changed and souls brought to Christ through the broadcasts.  But before I share more about that I’d first like to tell you about something that just happened to me. 

Yesterday, as I was enjoying the warm, revitalizing hot water of a post-adventure shower, I reflected upon God’s amazing grace. Christ’s grace exhibits itself in my life so often, sometimes in response to those “face palm” moments I have when I’ve mishandled a parenting situation, or like yesterday when I found myself cold and soaked to the bone on a mountaintop during a rain and lightning storm. It’s in these difficult times that we see God coming to our aid.

I feel like God revels in the valley moments of our lives, because in just those times of need we can hear Him say “don’t worry, I’ve got this”, as He calms our storm. I don’t like hard times, and I don’t like the despairing feelings that too often come with facing the unknown.  But, as I tell my children, if a struggle is what it takes to walk more closely with Jesus, then bring it on.

I find it encouraging to look around and see example after example of God coming through. Every time Satan sets a trap, Jesus provides a way of escape. In times of discouragement, I wonder at the faith displayed in some of my favorite Bible stories, like when the three Hebrew worthies were physically thrown in the fire with no sign of help then suddenly Christ shows up!  Wow!

Over the last few months, we’ve shared with you our hopes and goals for Better Life, how we’re continuing to move forward toward sharing messages of hope with new communities here in Oregon. At the same time, the financial struggles have become very real and daunting, especially this time of year when viewer support is typically at a low point. Despite significantly cutting costs and even reducing employee hours, we have reached the point where we must soon consider layoffs and a reduction in our broadcasting reach for the ministry to survive. This is the challenge before us.  But, as I heard in a recent sermon - with God the impossible becomes challenging, and soon the challenge is done.

Have you stopped to consider that Better Life Television represents the largest evangelistic endeavor in the state of Oregon? Just as Noah preached before the flood, Better Life broadcasts hope 24/7 to counties throughout the state and beyond. Baptism after baptism, phone call after phone call testify to the power of media for reaching the lost. At this closing point in earth’s history should we shut down the station and call it quits? Hardly! There are hundreds of channels out there to entertain and amuse, but how many are there for God? Friends, now is the time for the voice of God to be heard above the nonsense of the world. Now is the time for the last warning to be given. Cutting back the efforts of Better Life would be a victory to our enemy.

I want to thank each of you who have already committed to supporting Better Life, through your monthly gifts, through one-time donations, and through your volunteer efforts.  Thank you so much for being His hands and feet as we meet this financial challenge head on, a challenge that may only be overcome through the providence of God and the faithfulness of His people. If you’re just feeling the pull to join in this ministry, please write or give us a call to see how you can best help.  Together, we will move forward, stronger than ever, sharing Christ with our neighbors. - CO

We Could Hardly Hear Her

Recently, we received a voice-mail message that had been left overnight. The sound on the recording was so faint that we had to run the audio file through our video editing system just to boost the volume so we could make out the message. What we ended up hearing was the sad sounding voice of a older lady giving us her address and phone number and asking us to call her back.

When we got a hold of Janice (not her real name) she told us that she had lost her husband back in 2013. She said she was living with her son and due to poor vision wasn’t able to drive any more. Janice told us that she had been watching Better Life and had been impressed that she needed to come to the Lord. That was the reason for her call. 

We spoke with her a while and then offered to have a pastor contact her. Her voice lit up as she told us that would be fine. She said she had been looking for her Bible but hadn’t been able to find it so we offered to find a large print edition for her. That made her happy. After having prayer she seemed to be in better spirits. 

Our next step was to find out who her local pastor was. A quick search on the Internet yielded a name, phone number and email address. In just a matter of minutes the pastor responded to us and said he would be happy to contact her and to get her a Bible too!

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a far reaching tool like Better Life TV that’s able to join forces with local congregations to reach souls for Chirst? Thank you for supporting the ministry of Better Life and making connections like this possible. If you’re not a current supporter but you’d like to be please visit our website at or call us at (541) 474-3089.

Thank you for supporting the outreach ministry of Better Life.


We are excited to announce that soon we will be available over-the-air in the Cottage Grove, OR area! We praise the Lord for opening the door for this new expansion! We’ll have more details soon.

You may have noticed that on Better Life Today we’ve done a number of interviews with individuals from the local Blue Zones Project in southern Oregon. The health message holds a special place in the programming of Better Life and Charlie Oliver brought this out in his last interview with Jess Hand. In case you missed it, you can view it now on our YouTube channel. Watch the program HERE.

We’re excited to report that we’ve just finished recording the last program for the book of Acts! Those last programs are in the editing process and work has already begun to record the book of Matthew next! 

Follow along with this weekly Bible study. See the schedule for days and times.

Support New Programming

Better Life is busy producing new original programs that are unique to this ministry, programs like Stories of Faith, Catching the Light and Boots ‘n Bibles. Your gifts to the ministry of Better Life help to keep new, fresh, revelant programming on the air. 

We also anticipate partnering soon with other media ministries by releasing our programs to other religious networks that cover areas outside of our current viewing area on the West Coast. 

If you’d like to continue to see new episodes being produced, please become a regular supporter today!

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