We Could Hardly Hear Her

Recently, we received a voice-mail message that had been left overnight. The sound on the recording was so faint that we had to run the audio file through our video editing system just to boost the volume so we could make out the message. What we ended up hearing was the sad sounding voice of a older lady giving us her address and phone number and asking us to call her back.

When we got a hold of Janice (not her real name) she told us that she had lost her husband back in 2013. She said she was living with her son and due to poor vision wasn’t able to drive any more. Janice told us that she had been watching Better Life and had been impressed that she needed to come to the Lord. That was the reason for her call. 

We spoke with her a while and then offered to have a pastor contact her. Her voice lit up as she told us that would be fine. She said she had been looking for her Bible but hadn’t been able to find it so we offered to find a large print edition for her. That made her happy. After having prayer she seemed to be in better spirits. 

Our next step was to find out who her local pastor was. A quick search on the Internet yielded a name, phone number and email address. In just a matter of minutes the pastor responded to us and said he would be happy to contact her and to get her a Bible too!

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a far reaching tool like Better Life TV that’s able to join forces with local congregations to reach souls for Chirst? Thank you for supporting the ministry of Better Life and making connections like this possible. If you’re not a current supporter but you’d like to be please visit our website at donate.blbn.org or call us at (541) 474-3089.