April 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

We get many wonderful calls and emails from viewers and so we’ve created this place to share them each month. Let’s get right into the stories.

AFTER HOURS: Our editor was working late one night when the phone began to ring. Usually we don’t answer the phone after hours, but our editor was impressed to do so this time. 
On the other end of the line was a man named William who began sharing how he was having problems with his family, his health and money. It seems that William had a stroke a year after having heart surgery and money had been a big issue for him and burden for the family. But William had also stumbled upon Better Life TV and had been watching our programs. He decided to reach out by calling the prayer line and in this moment of discouragement God had our editor pick up the phone! William was thrilled that he was able to pray to someone right then, and we praise the Lord that He impressed our editor to pick up the phone too! It’s wonderful to be able to serve others in this way.

GRANTS PASS, OR: The other day we got a call from Kathy and she requested a free copy of the book, The Desire of Ages. We were happy to help her out and as we spoke with her on the phone she told us her story. She said that when she was a little girl going to church one Sunday with her grandma she passed a man on the street who said to her, “You’re going to church on the wrong day.” That struck her as an odd thing to say and she never forgot it.
Fast forward to 1991, when she moved to Oregon and discovered a channel called, “Better Life TV”. By watching it she was finally able to understand what the man told her so many years ago! 
But there’s more to the story. While she was watching Better Life, her late husband, who she said probably considered himself an agnostic, would listen too. In the end they both ended up getting baptized! Although he has since passed away, she has the hope of the resurrection to look forward to.
Thank you so much for helping Better Life continue to be a beacon of hope for lost souls!