August 2019 Stories

Stories of Touched Lives

We always love to hear stories of how Better Life is reaching out and touching the lives of our viewers. Here are just a few recent examples.

A lady emailed us from the Sacramento area saying that she was really enjoying our Stories of Faith series that she discovered on YouTube. She had a novel way of enjoying them on her drive to work. She wrote, “Granted these are videos, but I set up bluetooth in my car and toss my phone in my purse and I begin my daily journey to work feeling like you both [Douglas & Sayuri] are in my car talking so clearly, sharing stories of miracles which bring me so much hope and inspiration. You are making a difference in people’s lives and doing a great service!”

One of our Grants Pass friends recently posted on her Facebook page that an elderly patient sat down and told her that she was having a bad day. She said she had been watching news and it upset her. She told our friend that she had started watching Better Life all day and she absolutely loved it! She is very happy with the preaching and the music and the lovely pictures are a blessing to her. Our friend ended her post with, “Thanks BLBN! You are still making a difference in people’s lives!”

A lady from Reno called us recently, asking for prayer that she be able to resist marijuana. She found us after she had to give up cable. She said we were only one of two sources of Christian TV she could get so she began watching Better Life. We are so happy she found us! Please pray that lady finds the victory and truth that she needs in these last days. 

These stories are just samples of what we hear on a regular basis. If our founders Delmer and Evelyn Wagner had not said “yes” to God, all of the stories we have heard over our twenty-nine years would never have happened. People hearing truth for the first time would never have happened. So many baptisms would never have happened. Thank you for continuing to support this vital and far reaching ministry. So much good happens when we say “yes” to God!