June 2019 Stories

God Knew She Would Return

Dawn had had a very hard life. Years of smoking and drugs had taken a toll on her health. She wasn’t even 60 yet but she was already dealing with things that typically affect those older.

Dawn had grown up in a Christian home, but for various reasons she left the church when young and went out to see what the world had to offer. But as is always the case, things didn’t work out well.

One time Dawn told her sister, “There’s no reason I should be alive today.” That’s because she had tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills and alcohol. But thankfully she was unsuccessful. Dawn would later say that God didn’t let her die because He knew that she was going to give her heart back to Him. 

Dawn began tuning in to Better Life and God touched her heart. She enjoyed watching Ken Cox, Doug Batchelor and Better Life Today.  Dawn didn’t attend a physical church; she would say that Better Life was her church. 

Over time, she was impressed that she needed to be baptized, but unfortunately she didn’t get to see that happen. This past April she was told that she had terminal cancer and that she probably only had three months to live. She didn’t make it that long. We assured Dawn that God understood why she couldn’t be baptized and He could save her in spite of it like He did for the thief on the cross.

On May 11th, 2019, Dawn went to her rest. Before she passed, Better Life was able to arrange an anointing service for her with the Springfield SDA church. Dawn told her sister that if this had happened to her three years ago she would have been freaking out. But now, she was at peace. She said, “I’m safe in Jesus. I’m going to be buried by my mom and we’ll go meet Jesus together at the resurrection.” Friends, your support helped to bring the blessed hope to this dear lady. I want you to meet her someday soon.