March 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

We get many wonderful calls and emails from viewers and so we’ve created this place to share them each month. Let’s get right into the stories.

CANADA: We recently got a call from a Canadian man who had somehow discovered Better Life on the internet. He had been enjoying our programming and he called to get a vegetarian cookbook and some herb charts sent to him. It was great to hear from someone from another country! 

DUBAI: Speaking of another country, we also got a DVD request from someone in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates! Now that Better Life is streaming on Roku, Apple TV and iOS plus putting programs on YouTube, we expect even more contacts like this as time goes on. Praise the Lord that the reach of our programming is increasing!

CORVALLIS: Diane called us from Corvallis saying that she needed to get a copy of our new program “Boots ‘n Bibles” to share with a friend. She told us that she wasn’t an Adventist, but she really enjoyed watching our programming. She indicated she had a fondness for Adventists as her husband had been treated down in Loma Linda years ago and she had also been able to hear Doug Batchelor give his testimony while there.

EUGENE: Cora called us from Eugene saying that she has been watching Better Life for a couple weeks and she wanted to find out more about Seventh-day Adventists.

MEDFORD: And finally we were talking to a lady from Medford the other day who shared that she had learned the truth about the Sabbath from Better Life 15 years ago! Praise the Lord for His work through Better Life!