May 2019 Stories

Lives Touched by Better Life

From time to time the Lord reveals to us stories of those whose lives have been touched via the ministry of Better Life. Here are some good ones!
Recently we lost a dear friend of the ministry named Monica. She had a serious health issue that ended up taking her life. Monica was special to us for a number of reasons. For one, she ministered as one of our camera volunteers over the years and if you watch for it, you’ll see her name listed in the credits from time to time. But perhaps most special was the fact that she came into our Adventist family through watching Better Life TV. The Lord spoke to her heart and she responded. So although we were sad to lose her from this life, we rejoice that she knew Jesus as her Savior, the One who could preserve her in His kingdom forever. Praise the Lord! 
We also heard another story of a precious lady who I’ll call Ann. A while back she also came into the church as a result of watching Better Life TV and happily made her local Adventist church her spiritual home. 
Ann’s first time visiting an Adventist church happened after she saw an announcement on the TV screen announcing that a Better Life rally would be happening in her city. Ann was shy, but she decided to take the bold step and attend. Although she sat timidly in the back, a church member made a special effort to warmly welcome her, helping her to feel at ease! 
Fast forward to this year when Ann’s church was holding an evangelistic seminar. Ann prayed that the Lord would now use her to reach out to some visitor who might be shy about attending the seminar, just as she had once been. And you know what? God did just that! During the seminar another lady began attending who also sat in the back and seemed a bit shy too, but Ann befriended her and during the series it wasn’t uncommon to see them sitting together like long-time friends! 
Do you see the common theme here? The Lord used Better Life to bring people into His family and then in turn those people put their skills to work in reaching out to others! Isn’t that beautiful? 
Friends, it’s because of your prayers and faithful support that stories like this are possible! Thank you so much for helping to keep the light shining bright throughout the world.