September 2019 Stories

Better Life is a Lighthouse

Better Life is a Lighthouse

The other day Sayuri was visiting Grants Pass and as she was walking down the street toward our office, a white van unexpectedly pulled up along side her. This was a bit startling, but then the window rolled down and the lady driver inside called out, “Hey! I know you! We watch your program all the time! Right guys?” The passengers in the van agreed. Then the lady waved goodbye, rolled up the window and left as quickly as she had come. 

Stories like that make us smile. It’s so good to know that Better Life’s programs are beaming out to touch the hearts of our family, friends and neighbors. In these times of bad news and heated rhetoric, it’s so awesome to have God’s truth shining out like a lighthouse in our communities.

We also received a call from a man in Grants Pass recently who wanted to know what our mailing address was so that he could send in a donation. He told us that he had recently moved to Oregon from Utah, discovered Better Life TV and was enjoying the programming. Praise the Lord!

We have another viewer named Oliver who lives in Sparks, NV. He calls us from time to time with Bible questions, which of course we are happy to help him with. Oliver began watching Better Life after his wife passed away, as he was considering what happened to a person after this life is over. While watching he began learning about the Sabbath and now, he’s become a Sabbath keeper! He says he now honors God’s Sabbath because he learned about it on Better Life TV!

The last time he called he asked us how we knew that Sabbath was Saturday. He wondered if maybe over thousands of years the weekly cycle might have been messed up or changed. We reminded him that when Jesus was on earth He kept the Sabbath and He referred to Himself as “Lord of the Sabbath.” We shared that for the last two thousand years that cycle has continued unbroken being kept by millions of Jews. This made him happy. 

As we ended our conversation, he said that he had begun writing in a journal every time God answered his prayers so that if he ever gets discouraged, he can go back and see what God had done for him and be encouraged. He said he also learned to do that by watching Better Life TV!

Friends, without Better Life TV how would these people learn the truth? Thank you for helping to keep this lighthouse from God burning bright!